MEDIANET NEWS March 11, 2010

OFFICE HOURS Mon-Fri 9 am – 1 pm, Sat 9 am – noon
(250) 381-4428

Dance for the Camera
July 5 to July 17, 2010
Victoria BC Canada

Early registration special: $999
Deadline April 1

Application Deadline
June 1

DFTC 2010 is a unique opportunity for established and emerging choreographers, filmmakers, videographers, dancers and visual artists to explore dance/movement for the camera under the mentorship of award winning choreographer, filmmaker, curator, educator and recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship (2006), Ellen Bromberg.

SPECIAL GUEST for DFTC 2010 IN VICTORIA Bob Lockyer, co-founder of the Dance For the Camera series at the BBC, will offer a special evening screening and discussion of his ground-breaking work in the development of Dance for the Camera in the UK and around the world. Bob is known in the international dance community as a trailblazer and dedicated supporter of dance for over 40 years. Over 50 of the short dance films produced through the Dance for the Camera series at the BBC went on to win top international awards for their choreographers and directors. Bob has taught dance for camera in Australia, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa, USA and Canada. Bob is also chair of South East Dance as well as sitting on the board of PAL (Performing Arts Labs).

DFTC’s participants are individually assisted while exploring the technical, practical and artistic challenges involved in producing a dance/movement video in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Exercises with camera and dance are explored before diving into your finale video project.

Daily screenings of contemporary dance films representing the cutting edge of DFTC are followed by discussions.

Screenings of your video project/s in progress are followed by critical feedback to assist you in bringing your final video project to a public screening on the last day of the DFTC program.

Please contact  for more information

MediaNet member Merina Rael is looking for someone to assist with camera work and editing
for a short video trailer connected to a book project.

Please contact


Upcoming MediaNet workshops:

All workshops are at the MediaNet office, #106 -2750 Quadra St.

Is anyone interested in taking an introduction to our cameras, lighting or sound? Let us know! If we get enough interest, we will schedule some workshops.

Intro to DVD Studio Pro
Sat 20 March  12 to 3 pm
customize your DVD interface with the sophisticated controls of DVD Studio Pro
Members $30, Non Members $50   This is a hands on course, max 5 persons – Two spots available!


Intro To Final Cut Pro

Sat 27 March
11 AM to 5 PM
Members $50, non members $80
Tuesday 13 April, 7 PM  – New Members Orientation
If you are a new member who joined before Jan 13 2010 and have not attended a New Members Orientation then this is your last chance to hold on to your equipment privileges. As per the January 13 board resolution you must attend a new members orientation within 3 months of joining MediaNet
May 8 to 3  Experiment!
Our second annual 3 week intensive experimental film making program. Expand your horizons and learn techniques that will enhance your films and make them unique. Workshops in the first week then 2 weeks of Mentored Production

See last year’s Experiment videos on our website!

To register for workshops please contact

The MediaNet tech blog:

Seeking Volunteer to help with Petition in Support of the Arts

MediaNet member Dianne Searle is looking for a volunteer interested in helping with the Petition in Support of the Arts. This person will conduct on-line research to get email addresses and phone #s  for arts organizations, galleries, studios, art/ music schools, drama groups, bookstores,  music stores, art supply stores, etc.  in rural BC and enter them into an excel spreadsheet. It will be used to send out material about the Arts Petition. The Volunteer will also make phone calls to some of these places, and organizations in Vancouver  to ask them to collect signatures and send petitions out. A long distance card number will be provided for this purpose.

If you are interested, please contact

For information on the petition, please go to

Interest Group
Oak Bay Lodge Arts Festival
Embrace Aging Celebration

MediaNet member Trudy Pauluth-Penner is starting an interest group documenting the events of the Oak Bay Lodge festival and creating a short mini-documentary on the value of the arts in health care.

The dates and times for the Oak Bay Lodge arts in health care festival are:

March 29         Monday           1:30-3:30         Opening: Guest Speakers
March 30         Tuesday           1:30-3:00         Visual Arts
March 31         Wednesday     10:00-11:00      Puppetry
1:30-3:30         Open House – Art Exhibit
6:30-7:30         As the Fable Goes
April 1             Thursday         1:30-2:30          No Particular Place to Go
6:30-8:00         Living History Evening
April 2             Friday              1:30-2:30          Musical Tribute
April 3             Saturday          1:30-2:30          First Nations Tribute
6:30-8:00         Bar Social, Improv Theatre
April 4             Sunday            2:00-3:30          Spiritual Gathering
6:30-7:30         Closing

If interested, contact Trudy at



Screenings and Events

Tonight! Oral Buffet – an eclectic night of storytelling and music

Hermann’s Jazz Club – 753 View Street
Thursday March 11, 7 – 10pm
Tickets $10 advance or at the door
Joint production of the Ministry of Casual Living and the Slide Room Gallery

On Thursday, March 11th, Hermann’s Jazz Club will be hosting Oral Buffet, a spoken word and stage performance night collectively pieced together by various members of Victoria’s art community.  Members of the public are encouraged to attend this ticketed event taking place during the hours of 7-10pm.  Individuals will have an opportunity to support two prominent artist run spaces in Victoria; the Ministry of Casual Living and the Slide Room Gallery.  Over a dozen performers will be gracing the stage to share their tales with the public.

In the spirit of the artist run centre, Oral Buffet is pleased to assemble 15+ artists from varying disciplines and at different points in their careers. These individuals are generously contributing their time to support the ongoing development of Victoria’s art scene.  Whether through spoken word or musical performance, each  artist will share a brief snippet of their own personal reality.

Performers include:  Kirsten Wright, Slim Sandy, Paul Scrivener, Caleb Speller, Jesse Scott, d.bradley muir, J McLaughlin, John Luna, Rad Juli & guests, Roy Green, Ken Gordon, Hailey Finnigan, Andrea Kavanagh, Marlene Bouchard and last but definitely not least, John G. Boehme.

Tickets available at: The Ministry of Casual Living, The Slide Room Gallery, Street Level Coffee on Fort Street.
Contact: Marlene Bouchard at:

Thursday March 25, 7-9 p.m.
Alix Goolden Hall, 907 Pandora Street, Victoria Admission by donation.

Join Sierra Club BC and Flathead Wild partners for an evening of extraordinary images and action for B.C.’s Flathead River Valley.

The Flathead has some of the purest water in the world, more plant species than anywhere else in Canada and the greatest density and diversity of carnivores on the continent.

On February 9, the B.C. government announced that mining will be banned in the Flathead–yet much work remains to be done to secure permanent protection for this very special place.

Mountaineering legend Pat Morrow, Richard Hebda from the Royal B.C. Museum and other guests will lead a fascinating multimedia journey through the Flathead. Help us celebrate our success to date and join the call to action to protect the Flathead for all time – by conserving the south eastern one-third of the Flathead as a National Park and establishing a Wildlife Management Area in the rest of the valley and adjoining habitat.

Movie Monday

6:30 pm Monday 15 March 2010
Griefwalker – a critical look, 2008, 70 min

We showed this film last year. It’s an important topic that provokes discussion. Just because we are alive we all have to deal with dying.

This time we’ll have people from Victoria’s palliative care community with us to talk about our views of how people facing their end of life should be assisted.

Griefwalker is a film about death. More specifically, it’s about how Western culture approaches death. Even more specifically, according to filmmaker Tim Wilson’s close friend Stephen Jenkinson, Griefwalker is about how Western culture doesn’t approach death. Join with special guests in an open discussion about this film and topic. Who would you want at your bedside?

7:00 pm Saturday 20 March 2010
A lecture, demonstration and show by photographer Toby Snelgrove

Provocative Exposure: The moment intensified
High Dynamic Range Photography, 2007, 77 min

“Ever since Ansel Adams pushed the dynamic range of B&W photography, film photography has found ways to capture images and push their dynamic range.
HDR photography is a process where several images are taken of a scene at different exposure settings in order to capture all the information from highlights to shadow detail.

Toby Snelgrove, a freelance photographer based on Mayne Island has been experimenting with HDR for the past year. Recently he has had several shows and he has been photographing at the Olympics. His work exhibited on Mayne Island caught my attention and had the place abuzz.

Though relatively new to HDR, Toby will serve up an interactive primer based on his experience with HDR photography. We will project examples of his work on the big screen, both the original images and the enhanced HDR versions. As well, examples of his work will be displayed for viewing and sale in our lobby/gallery.

Toby Snelgrove is also a Counsellor, consultant and trainer in the field of trauma management.
Sunday 21 March 2010

Talk with actor and Director Charles Martin Smith
Register with Cinevic

“I’m very excited to have Actor/Director Charles Martin Smith coming by to speak about working with actors for film on Sunday afternoon and to present two favourite films Sunday and Monday evenings. How cool is this!”

7:00 pm Sunday 21 March 2010
Never Cry Wolf, 1983, 105 min
Q&A with Charles Martin Smith

This beloved and classic Canadian tale was beautifully brought to film 27 years ago (even though directed by an American, it was shot mostly in Northern BC and the Yukon). A young biologist is dropped in the northern wilderness to study wolves. Mowat’s character, Tyler, is played by our guest Charles Martin Smith, then an American but now living and making films from his home base in Vancouver BC. His recent film, Stone Of Destiny, was a MM hit!

6:30 pm Monday 22 March 2010
The Snow Walker, 2003, 113 min
Q&A with Charles Martin Smith

In 1953, in Arctic, a bush pilot begrudgingly changes his flight plan to bring the local native woman with tuberculosis to a hospital for treatment.The plane crashes and they have to struggle for survival. He learns from his charge how to survive in this foreign region, forming a bond of respect and friendship with her.

For more information on upcoming films, visit

Movie Monday screens every Monday in Victoria, B.C. Admission is by donation.
Movies are shown on a 12′ screen in the Eric Martin Pavilion in the 1900 block of Fort St. Pop & popcorn at ridiculously low prices

The Canadian First Weekend Club

First Weekend Club is a non-profit organization that strives to build audiences for great Canadian films through grassroots initiatives such as special screenings, Q&As with talent, premiere parties, movie alerts and much more! First Weekend Club is a free cross Canada film club that encourages members to attend opening weekend screenings.

Canadian Films coming to theatres:  Last Train Home, At Home by Myself…With You, Crackie and more.
The DVD club is discussing Nurse.Fighter.Boy

For more information on upcoming Canadian feature films, and joining the DVD club, go to



Submissions to other Media Arts Centers and Festivals

Klondike Institute of Art & Culture, Dawson City, Yukon

KIAC is seeking submissions for the 2011 season of TWO of our programs: the ODD Gallery and the Artist in Residence Program.

DEADLINE: Postmarked April 1, 2010

For the ODD Gallery, we invite professional artists and curators of all experience to submit proposals for exhibitions of contemporary visual art. The ODD Gallery is housed in the main Klondike Institute building. We are accepting proposals for general exhibitions as well as proposals towards our yearly thematic project The Natural & The Manufactured. The ODD Gallery supports CARFAC-recommended exhibition and artist talk fee rates, and offers shipping support. For more information please visit for more information.

For the KIAC RESIDENCY PROGRAM, we invite artists, including filmmakers, of all experience to submit proposals for a work-creation, development or research tenure of 4 to 12 weeks in our Macaulay House residence. The residence accommodates two artists at a time, and features private studios and bedrooms, as well as a shared living space and kitchen. We are accepting proposals for general residencies, as well as two specific residencies: our Dawson City Film Festival Residency and our yearly thematic Natural & Manufactured Residency. Please visit: for more information.


Brooklyn Int’l Film Festival – 13th Edition


Categories: Feature, Documentary, Short, Experimental, Animation

Awards: $50,000 in services, products, and cash.

Final Deadline: March 17, 2010
(Deadline is “Postmarked by” = Packages can be mailed until the day of the deadline)

Film Festival Dates: June 4-13, 2010

Toronto’s famed Regent Park Film Festival (RPFF) wants to showcase your voice and talent!

Canada’s largest and oldest inner city neighbourhood, populated predominantly by new immigrants, showcases international independent films of all genres and cultural diversity every year. Our programming celebrates difference and uniqueness of  all kinds, including: immigrant experiences, inner city issues, cultural identity and multicultural relationships.

All our screenings are free-of-charge and we pay artist fees.

The call for submission guidelines/entry form can be requested by sending an email to

Deadline is May 3, 2010.


Brooklyn Int’l Film Festival – 13th Edition (New York)

Final Deadline: March 17, 2010



CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Video Pool Media Arts Centre (Winnipeg)

Video Pool invites submissions for the 2010/11 programming season. We are striving to exhibit projects that challenge the boundaries of media art.

Deadline: March 22, 2010 at 5:00PM.



Call for submissions | MUSE (Toronto)

Seeking video work for a project curated by Suzanne Carte-

Blanchenot & Su-Ying Lee taking place in May/June 2010. This

is an experiment between curators, artists and audience.

Deadline: April 30, 2010

Mail submissions to: MUSE

11-1463 King St. W

Toronto, ON M6K 1J4



CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Independent Exposure 2010

A Worldwide Showcase of International Short Films, Videos, and Digital Works

Curated by Microcinema International and Bill Plympton

Presented by Panasonic Broadcast

Deadline: April 30, 2010





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